23 February 2017

Awesome Docker

Tags: Docker

Docker is a disrupting technology for software delivery, infrastructure, and development. Just look at the adoption numbers (courtesy to datadog)

docker adoptions

But let us step back for a second and answer the common question, What is Docker?

15 January 2017

State of the Cloud

Tags: AWS Cloud

Cloud technologies and services are evolving rapidly and startups are not the only adopters anymore. I can see that many German companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, either entirely or partly (hybrid clouds). 

In this post I want to take you for a cloud journey! Follow along if you have time.

08 April 2016

About this website

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I will use this website mainly as a brain dump for my projects or for projects I would like to start in the near future. Since this is mainly a tech related website I hope that someone out there might find it helpful if they encountered similar problems or have similar questions.

Let me tell you the tech specifics around this website:

07 April 2016

About me

Tags: Self

Hi, my name is Bobby Blagovest Donchev and I live in the Frankfurt area, Germany. Originally I am from Bulgaria but have spent the majority of my adulthood in Iceland.
I came to Germany to finish my studies (M.Sc. Engineering) and have since decided to stay a little longer.