About me

Hi, my name is Bobby Blagovest Donchev. I live in the Frankfurt metropolitan area, Germany. Originally I am from Bulgaria but have spent the majority of my adulthood in Iceland. I came to Germany to finish my studies (M.Sc. Engineering) and have since decided to stay a little longer.

From a young age I had an urge to tinker with computers and networks and after I found out I could make a living by doing what I love, I was instantly hooked. The software behind this blog is written by me. I tried WordPress and blogger but wanted something fast and lean and thought I might as well do it myself. In the near future I will write a couple of posts about how I programmed and architectured the software.

I will be mainly writing about cloud services, open source software and from time to time programming related subjects.

Thanks for reading my site, I hope you find something interesting or useful.