About this website

I will use this website mainly as a brain dump for my projects or for projects I would like to start in the near future. Since this is mainly a tech related website I hope that someone out there might find it helpful if they encountered similar problems or have similar questions.

Let me tell you the tech specifics around this website:

The site has its own CI/CD tool chain build on top of Docker and Jenkins but I am thinking of moving everything to AWS lambda. I will make a couple of posts on how to architecture this and how I am planning to use AWS lambda.

On a site note, everything on this site is my opinion (except comments written by others, which are their opinions). If people don’t agree with me that’s fine just let me know and we can have a discussion.

In the tech industry, everything moves at the speed of light and I understand that some of my opinions might be outdated by the time I write them. Readers are encouraged to comment and provide alternative solutions.

UPDATE 2021-03-17

Moved to a static webpage with gatsby hosted on firebase. More info here

UPDATE 2022-09-11

Moved from gatsby to hugo. More info here